content strategy

Let’s talk about why you do what you do – articulating what matters most to you as a business owner is half of the battle. After that, I’ll help you determine where, when, and how to reach your audience. Every image, ad, post, or web page is an opportunity to build your brand, but the spray-and-pray approach is no longer worth the investment – if it ever was.

It is important to speak the language of the medium at play using tone, images, and strategies that align with your brand. Say the right thing at the right time to the right audience and your efforts will go farther than ever before.

How I Can Grow Your Audience

Platform Utility

Assess and leverage your tools

Use great content guided by metrics to ensure that you are using each channel to its full potential. You’ll also be able to be informed to cut ties with practices that don’t serve your mission and goals.

Brand Alignment

Take your brand into action

You have a new logo, color palette, tagline, and maybe even the start of a great website– so what now? Embracing your new direction involves a complicated series of small steps that will amount to great returns.

Campaigns & Growth

Adapt and strategize

Each medium has its own unique potential to contribute to your growth. Leverage current trends and take calculated risks to see online engagement gains.

see content strategy in action

Social Media Content Strategy

This cross-team collaboration developed a variety of content to play across many channels. Our intent was to normalize health and safety practices with a bit of whimsy and humor proven successful with safe sex campaigns.

Social Media Engagement

Inspired by Ernest Hemmingway’s six-word story, the #OHIO6Words instagram campaign called for participants to share their own six-word story on Instagram, coupled with an image that represented their OHIO experience.

Engagement Content Strategy

The mark of a great concept is when it lives beyond the subject, writer or designer. Humans want to see themselves in the stories of others. While this campaign centered on Ian, it is a concept that can be recycled and utilized again and again, because his story represents the return of connection on that engagement students crave.

Let’s target your niche.