Environmental Relations

Our human-environment relationship can only improve when corporations make sustainable choices over easy ones. When this happens, the news media are excited to tell the story.

Suicide Prevention Speaker

The founder of Endure Life helps youth process complicated experiences and feelings through unfiltered conversations about mental health on Instagram.

Opioid Overuse Awareness

A long-form, evidence-based blog post helped to inform an audience of insurance claim managers about the history of over-prescription of opioids by physicians.

Customer Education

Consumer goods and services businesses work hard to remain on the cusp of new tech. The nation’s largest car wash company has a great story to tell about their internal research and development team.

Audience Personas Research

My team developed six alumni personas through pioneering, robust, qualitative and quantitative research to section and articulate audience groups, as well as identify attitudinal and behavioral elaboration likelihood for each type.

Involvement Content Strategy

Humans want to see themselves in the stories of others. While this campaign centered on Ian, it is a concept that can be recycled and utilized again and again, because his story represents the return of connection on that engagement students crave.

Employee Mental Health

This campaign brought attention to the signs of seasonal affective disorder and gave tips for employers hoping to support their colleagues who are struggling during the winter months.

Sexual Assault Survivor Tribute

The Monument Quilt is a growing, traveling, public healing space for survivors of rape and abuse. This project promoted the 50th display in Washington, DC on the National Mall.

Kindness Brand Video

Nicole has a vision for a world where all human beings operated with more kindness. As her speaking engagements became more frequent, she brought me on board to help tell her story.

Socializing Safety Campaign

I led a cross-team collaboration to develop a variety of content across channels to normalize pandemic safety practices with a bit of whimsy and humor proven successful with safe sex campaigns.

Breast Cancer Video Series

As both a writer and a videographer, it is very rare that I am able to have the level of access to the intimate moments that Nicole so generously gave me during her breast cancer journey.

Betty Bounces Back

The first lesson during a roller derby “fresh meat” clinic is how to fall. Amy Meeks recently returned to the Athens Hell Betty’s roller derby team following her recovery from kidney donation surgery, this is her story in print and video.

Social Media Consolidation

Through longitudinal social listening and thematic analysis of the available data, we developed a consolidation strategy and implementation plan to reduce 72 channels down to a strong thirteen.

Retail Branding

A local retailer needed to adapt to online trends. This required robust audience research to inform the development of a new logo, style guide and marketing strategy that balanced customer needs with store goals.

Narrative Video

This is the kind of project that makes art directing an absolute joy. Working with a talented student poet, this project fused together his student experience with words from iconic OHIO songs in a video message of gratitude for alumni support.

Company Milestone

A rapidly growing business needs to take a moment to celebrate the wins. Especially if you’re leading the industry in total store count and membership.

Health Communication

A counseling center expanded its services to offer eating disorder-specific individual and group support on a remote basis.

Turning the Tide in Tech

The tech industry is male-dominated at best, and a chauvinist hub at worst – at least that’s what current headlines about silicon valley would suggest. These six women are working to change that.

Voices of Change

College campuses surge with activism and dialogue when national issues of the day arise. In this story, three women look back at their experiences in the 1970s amid national unrest.

Social Media Engagement

Inspired by Ernest Hemmingway’s six-word story, the #OHIO6Words instagram campaign called for participants to share their own six-word story on Instagram, coupled with an image that represented their experience.