ghost writing

Most of my clients come to me because they have something to say. Some simply can’t find the words, others need help translating what they want to say into terms that will reach their audience with the intended impact. The third group are just busy people who don’t have time to put pen to paper. These people are CEOs, creative risk-takers, leaders of universities, and social media influencers. They work with me so they can delegate the time-consuming tasks of researching, writing, social media strategy, and blog management, while they get back to work leading teams, creating the content they love, and living their lives.

Ghost writing means that when the content is complete, you get the byline. That means that what I write is in your voice and on your terms. You get to decide when the writing is ready to post, because it is yours to claim. Because this type of work often comes with a confidentiality clause, I do not provide samples. References are available upon request, and some testimonials are found below.

Client Testimonials

“Simply put, we didn’t have capacity to do what Hailee did for us. She put in the time to understand our industry and it shows in her writing. Now we are able to say to her, “look, we need to do this,” and she gets it done. She keeps us looking like we know what we’re doing while we’re busy doing it. A great partner.”

-tech startup CEO, NW region-

“I was nervous to start a blog because I was worried I didn’t have enough to say that would be valuable. Hailee has pulled a lot out of me over time, and she doesn’t ever seem to run out of ideas. I get compliments on my blog now, especially from new employees who come to work with me. They come across it in their research and tell me they want to work with me because of what they can learn from me. I can’t say enough about how much Hailee helped me to find and value my own voice.”

-higher education leadership professional-

“I’m always excited when we can bring Hailee on to do a project for us. She is quick, trustworthy, knows her sh*t, and is a pleasure to work with.”

–professional athlete publicist–

Do you want to be thought of as an industry leader? You need a blog. Do you want to appear accessible to your stakeholders? You need to exist and engage on social media. Do you want to increase traffic on your website? You need to optimize your site and update it regularly with new content. Let me help you take your thoughts, experience, passion, and leadership into the communication channels that can raise your profile and gain you credibility with your followers and stakeholders.

Let’s tell your story your way.