As far back as I can remember, my dad read to me every night at bedtime. I love to get lost in a great story – whether as the reader, writer, video producer, or member of the audience. Regardless of the medium, I value authenticity, narrative, and heart.

Human beings have used storytelling to connect with one another for thousands of years and it works. Everyone has a story to tell, but not all audiences will respond to the way you frame yours. Finding the words and visuals to demonstrate your impact through effective narrative will transform the way you are perceived by your audience and how they choose to interact with you.

How I Can Help

Content & Copywriting

Tell your story

Establish a consistent and authentic tone to translate your message and add value across communication channels.

Ghost Writing

Connect with your crowd

Development of long- and short-form content to share critical information with key stakeholders on your behalf. Read more >

Media & Art Direction

Color your content with strong visuals

Video, photography, illustration, and graphic design direction can ensure continuity throughout your branding.

see storytelling in action

Long Form Writing

College campuses surge with activism and dialogue when national issues of the day arise. In this story, three women look back at their experiences in the 1970s amid national unrest.

Brand Video

Nicole is a client I worked with prior to this project, so I was familiar with her speaking style, her story, and most importantly, her vision for a world where all human beings operated with more kindness. As her speaking engagements became more frequent, she brought me on board to help tell her story.

Writing and Art Direction

Six San Fransisco women are working to change negative aspects of the culture often found in the tech industry. This article explores their experiences as young professionals and offers advice to the up-and-coming recent graduates that will follow them.

Let’s tell stories that matter.