Involvement Content Strategy

Campus Involvement Content Strategy

Each semester new students step onto campus craving connection – to their peers, upperclassmen, and mentors that can bring them into the fold. The first step is always the hardest, and no one understood that better than the current student body president whose entire college trajectory branched from the first club meeting he showed up to. That’s why we focused on his story as the center of our student organization involvement campaign.

We utilized print, social media, web banners, ads, and email, adapting our message for each channel.

Instagram Story & Print Handout (front)

Ian’s story was captured for a news story earlier this fall, so I reached out to him again to ask him to gather a few friends for a photo shoot. We knew that his personality would shine through best if he was surrounded by close friends. Once we had great photos, it was a matter of drilling down into the elements of his story that would resonate with new college students most.

Print Handout (backside)

Instructional print pieces can feel obnoxious to a web savvy audience, but this particular sign up required multiple steps and a wait time. You can be in love with every word, but I never use eight words if seven will do; meaning that instructions should be concise and essential. We also brought over some basic content from the themed front side in order to carry the personal story through the whole piece.

Ads, Headers & Web Banners

Our hope was to echo our primary channel messages through secondary channels – student newspaper ads, email, and website images. When it comes to these mediums, less text is always better, so our focus was the call to action. These clickable ads took students to a landing page with more information about how to sign up.

Visual Style Guide

Great content and quality art direction sent this campaign to the next level. After the initial concept was developed, it was important to give future designers and content developers direction to carry the theme through other pieces.

Adapting Over Time

The mark of a great concept is when it lives beyond the subject, writer or designer. Humans want to see themselves in the stories of others. While this campaign centered on Ian, it is a concept that can be recycled and utilized again and again, because his story represents the return of connection on that engagement students crave.

Role call: Content strategy, writing and concept development by Hailee Tavoian. Design and art direction by Erika Clusman. Photography by Akira Jakkson. Strategy deployment by Chloe Ruffenach and Alexandria Polanosky. Ohio University brand developed by Truth & Consequences.

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Social Media Engagement

#OHIO6Words Social Media Campaign

Alumni engagement is measured through sustained interest, involvement and/or investment in alma mater. Social media presents an opportunity to engage with alumni with low stakes and establish cross-generational connections through shared experience.

Early submissions were printed and displayed in the student center during Homecoming Week.

The association’s goal was simple: increase engagement on Instagram. This idea was successful because we focused on the why – why would an OHIO alum care to post about us, tag us, or engage with our content? The answer for me was Homecoming. The annual celebration at OHIO is like nothing else I’ve ever seen. Bobcats show up by the thousands, a little bit for football, but mostly because of the way they feel when they are back on campus. The energy is palpable, the memories are visceral, and of course, the drinks are flowing.

I knew that if we could find a way to translate that experience even slightly to our online audiences, they would be ecstatic to go back into a Bobcat state of mind and feel part of the party.

Inspired by Ernest Hemmingway’s six-word story, the #OHIO6Words instagram campaign called for participants to share their own six-word story on Instagram, coupled with an image that represented their OHIO experience. Winners were selected each day of Homecoming Week to be featured on the main @OHIOAlumni Instagram channel and were mailed various Bobcat swag for their engagement.

The outcomes far exceeded engagement goals, and received international recognition from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE). It received the Silver Award in the category ‘Best Uses of Social Media for Alumni Relations,’ which recognizes innovative uses of new media by educational institutions across the globe.

Alumni Submissions

Role call: Concept development by Katrina Heilmeier, Kate Erlewine and Hailee Tavoian. Campaign writing by Hailee Tavoian. Social media deployment by Kate Erlewine. In-person displays by Katrina Heilmeier.

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Social Media Consolidation

Social Media Consolidation

Communication fatigue is a real challenge for anyone aiming to connect with college students. My team undertook an 18-month project to measure online engagement across all student affairs social channels in order to effectively streamline and strategize future messaging.

pie chart detailing social media engagement by topic, such as career, involvement, services, parents, recreation, etc.
Graphic above demonstrates social media engagement over a one year period segmented by channel subject matter.

Discovery included a situational analysis of social media channels, metrics, audiences and generational uses of each platform. My team reviewed university, division and individual departmental priorities, as well as peer institution channels. Through longitudinal social listening and thematic analysis of the available data, we developed a consolidation strategy and implementation plan to reduce 72 channels down to a strong thirteen.

Each remaining channel was provided a brand positioning statement and adjectives, and design templates for stories, posts and advertising.

Students looking at phones

This project reminded me of the importance of patience during a hard slog. This type of work is often skimmed over, fast-tracked by skipping important steps, or improperly documented for the sake of time, ego or lack of by-in from leadership given the resources it requires to do it right.

I was very fortunate to have a solid team running day-to-day social logistics in addition to my strategy and analytics crew. Both are essential to properly assessing the space you want to occupy and measuring a channel’s potential for growth. Assessment takes time and resources, but it is well worth it if you hope to establish a following with any kind of longevity.

Role call: Audience research, analysis, and consolidation strategy by Steph Fiorelli, Amanda Moline and Hailee Tavoian. Student social media interns: Haley Bender, Hannah Browsky, Allan Dalton, Sami Morsink, Anna Wise.

Consolidation Outline

PlatformConsolidated ChannelsNew HandleMessaging
Instagram@ou_imsports, @ou_aquatics, @ou_campusrec, @ou_outdoor, @ou_WalterFH, @ou_birdarena, @ou_pingcenter, @ou_gtc, @ou_pingfitness, @ou_clubsports@BobcatWellBeingMental, physical, emotional and social well-being resources, stories and programs
Instagram@bobcat_depot, @thehungrycatou, @OUDining, @bobcats_helping_bobcats@OHIOFood_Campus dining features, employee stories, quick and easy recipes, and nutrition tips
Instagram@margaretboydscholars, @oueventservices, @cldc_careercloset, @ohiostuaffairs@OHIOStudentLifeCampus culture, involvement, respect, health, safety and university programs
Instagram@ohiou_housing@OHIOHousingOn-campus living, updates and resident events
Instagram@ougreeklife@OHIOGreekLifeSorority and Fraternity Life recruitment and community programs
Twitter@OHIOStuAffairs, @OHIOFoodPantry, @OhioParents, @boydscholars, @oueventservices, @BobcatDepot, @OHIOCLDC, @OU_CommServ, @OUSAP, @OHIOCSSR, @OUDining@OHIOStudentLifeCampus culture, involvement, respect, health, safety, student and university events
Twitter@OU_involvement, @OhioGreekLife, @ouperformingart@OHIOInvolvementStudent organization involvement and programming
Twitter@OU_IMsports, @OU_PingFitness, @OU_WalterFH, @OU_CampusRec, @OU_outdoor, @OU_BirdArena, @OU_Aquatics, @OU_ClubSports, @OU_PingCenter, @OU_gtc@OHIOCampusRecFitness, club sports, outdoor recreation and facility updates and events
Twitter@ohiou_housing@OHIO_HousingOn-campus living, updates and resident events
Twitter@CPS_OHIO@OHIO_CounselingMental health resources and programs
FacebookParent & Family Programs, Career Center, Bobcat Depot, Culinary Services, Dean of Students, Event Services, Margaret Boyd Scholars Program, Student AffairsOHIO Bobcat FamiliesUniversity updates for parents and families across all categories
FacebookGolf & Tennis Center, Intramural Sports, Aquatic Center, Outdoor Pursuits, Ping Center, Campus Recreation, Bird Arena, Fieldhouse, Fitness, Club SportsOHIO Campus RecreationFitness, club sports, outdoor recreation and facility updates and events
The table above outlines the consolidation breakdown by platform, original handle, new handle and messaging strategy for target audiences.

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